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Effects of Media Violence on Society

Effects of Media Violence on Society

unduhan-17Over the years, technology has totally changed the life of human beings. There was a time when just ten percent of homes in the United States of America had a television set. However, this scene has changed substantially, and today, almost every home has a television set now. Television programs are viewed by people of all age groups for several hours every day, and it is quite natural that these programs have a psychological effect on people. Now, if these programs have something good to offer and are informative, then it will add to the knowledge and creativity of a person. On the contrary, if violence is depicted through them, then effects of the same on the human mind can be disastrous in the case of some individuals.

Statistics about Violence depicted in the Media

  • An average American child spends around 28 hours in front of the television in a week and could have watched around more than 150,000 violent scenes before he becomes a teenager. These acts of violence can be serious offenses like rapes, burglaries and even murders
  • Programs shown on television, according to a study, display more than 800 acts of violence every hour. According to a study, violence is depicted in a fun or humorous way which is very dangerous as it can lead to indifference towards violence in children
  • And it’s not just cartoons or programs. It has been observed that more than 10% of music videos contain violence which can affect a person psychologically

Adverse Effects of Media Violence On Society

Effects of Violence on Children and Teenagers
Over the years, several psychologists have been repeatedly warning about how harmful the violence in television programs, video games and movies can be for children and teenagers. Many studies have proved that consistent viewing of violent scenes can lead to higher levels of aggression in children and teenagers. This may result in them being short tempered, unable to control their emotions and angry; at times being totally insensitive. Being verbally and physically abusive can have a harmful effect on a child’s growth and development, and he may not do well in academic and non-academic courses even if he has the ability and required skills. Since the things learned at a young age can have a lasting effect, there is a danger of young children turning over-aggressive and stubborn after reaching adulthood.

Effects of Violence on Adults
As discussed earlier, the impact of media violence on society is very dangerous and even adults are affected by it. Since adults have to work in professional settings, displays of unnecessary aggressive behavior can affect their career. This, going ahead can again lead to stress and depression. The effects of violence on adults do not end here, many experts believe that serious and violent crimes such as thefts, rapes, murders are also the result of constant hammering of violent scenes on the human mind. Many people reach a stage where they feel that violence is justified and they are not doing anything wrong by indulging in it to get what they want in life. Domestic violence is another ill-effect.

Indifference Towards Violence
Many times, people who have been consistent viewers of violent stuff can become totally insensitive to incidents of violence. They may not feel any sympathy for people around them who are victims of any kind of violence, or are going through a lot of pain and agony in their lives. These people may not offer a helping hand to the needy which means that they have lost their humanity.

Incorrect Interpretation
Media violence can lead people to interpret many things in the wrong manner. Many people, after watching violent films, do not understand that the films are meant for entertainment purposes and they take the incidents from movies too personally. This can lead to a feeling that the entire world is full of violence and pain which is not at all the case in reality. Incorrect interpretation can pose a major problem for kids who may be fearful of facing the outside world. This particular condition is termed as the ‘Mean World Syndrome’.

Some experts believe that media violence can in fact be helpful for people to understand its effects and avoid indulging in violent acts. This phenomenon is referred to as catharsis. After discussing these points, I strongly feel that efforts need to be taken by the governmental authorities to have some sort of restrictions on media violence to prevent its disastrous effects on society. In fact, this is a collective responsibility and only by taking the right steps, at the right time, society can be saved from possible dangers of violence.

Business Using Accurate Media Planning

Business Using Accurate Media Planning

Media arranging is a much of the time heard term in publicizing circles. On the off chance that you are wanting to dispatch a publicizing effort for your item, you will clearly run over this term. Be that as it may, the vast majority don’t comprehend what this term precisely implies. Here’s a clarification.

Traditionally, media planning meant deciding what kind of media should be employed for the advertising campaign. They would decide where the advertisement would have the maximum impact. Options considered were advertising on hoardings, television, cinema halls, overhead LCD TVs in malls or newspapers. All these traditional avenues of advertising were considered and then their profitability was analyzed. Based on such studies and researches, the final medium for the publicity campaign were selected.

Today, the concept of media planning has undergone a difference. It now involves not only selecting a medium for the advertising, but also deep analyzes into the outreach of the ads. Also, media planners will today select unconventional streams of advertising such as mobile vehicles, advertising in small retain stores, etc. Newer options are decided depending on what the product being publicized is. That is why today the ‘media planning’ concept is slowly waning out, and is being replaced by more expansive terms such as ‘media strategy’ or ‘communications planning’.

Aims of Media Planning

There are some specific aims that the media planning industry intends to achieve. Media planning is not anymore just about finding media to place the ads of the business. Determining the right kind of impact with the ad is also an important part of their job. The aims of any media planning project will depend on the following factors:-

  • The budget that the client defines for the advertising campaign
  • The type of product and the target audience it caters to
  • The prime focus behind the advertising campaign
  • The main message that the advertising campaign carries

These are important points that decide in a large way how the media will be planned for the advertising campaign. Based on these, the following set of aims is established:-

  • The advertisement in the decided media will reach out to a particular number of people
  • The advertisement will have a particular number of views/visits per person in a given timeframe
  • The advertisement will be able to convert viewers/visitors into customers after a particular number of views/visits
  • A particular figure for cost-effectiveness of the campaign

These profiles are established and discussed with the clients. It can be seen through the aims and objectives here that media planning is much more today than mere media buying. There’s a lot more strategizing and planning than there ever was.

Payments in Media Planning

Media planners do not take a commission-based payment as most other people in the advertising industry do. This is because media planners do not work with volumes; they work with strategies. Their services are creative. For this reason, percentage cuts are decided in advance as their payment modes. These percentages are cut off from the total budgets of the advertising campaigns.

Online Media Planning

Another term that is coming to prominence in this generation is Internet media planning or online media planning. The Internet is a very potential source of advertising for businesses across the world today, and it is quite understandable why every company worth its salt is promoting its wares through websites. But, it is very important to promote these websites in the right manner. The focus here is on reaching out to the niche customers. This is what an online media planner undertakes. The online media planner would first conduct a deep study into the business itself, and then employ fruitful routes of advertising for the business. Various channels can be used, such as affiliate advertising through text ads and banner ads, creating business collaborations with other websites and advertising through Internet-specific methods such as article submissions, blogs and forums, etc. The job of the online media player is to optimize the consumer traffic that can be brought in through various media routes.

Long Term Influence of Mass Media

Long Term Influence of Mass Media

Apart from the telegraph, radio, newspaper, magazines, and television, the Internet has become one of our means to collecting and accessing information and communication around the world. We plan our day-to-day activities, entertainment, health care, education, travel arrangements, and current affairs based on the information received through various channels.

So, if we rely on mass media so much, how does it generate an influence on the society? Before answering this question, perhaps it is pertinent that we address another question―what is mass media? Statistics show that there are few things which impact the human mind more than mass media. The advice of teachers, parents, relatives, friends, and people we come in contact with daily may fall on deaf ears, but media holds us all spellbound! At this point, it becomes necessary to define this concept.

Understanding Mass Media

It may be defined as any form of communication which is meted out to the people at large through various forms of communication. There can be no static definition for the channels of mass communication as they are increasing all the time. But any form of communication which is seen and understood by a large mass of people can be taken to mean mass communication or media channels.

Mass media holds a kind of mystique in the minds of people. It is because communication is designed in such a way that it appeals to a larger demographic segment. The test of a successful communication marketing drive is to see if it gets the people talking. If it does, then not only does it mean that the advertising drive has been successful, but the organization in charge is also getting publicity by word-of-mouth channel!

Does it Have a Hold on Us?

It is hard to argue with the fact that mass media has a compelling effect on the human mind; especially on minds which are impressionable. For example, its influence on our children is understandably higher than in adults.

The Influence on Youth
There is a burgeoning need among the youth to be accepted as a part of a group, to be popular, to have friends and relationships with people of the opposite sex. Experts understand this need, and hence, they come up with advertisements on TV, in newspapers, or on websites on how people can be more popular using a certain product. Most advertisements you see which are aimed at the youth generally talk about the ‘cool quotient’ of the product and how it is going to be the next ‘in-thing’. And if you want to stay ahead of the game, it is absolutely vital that you procure it. The visual effect, seeing the things happen in front of you and the slice-of-life effect makes certain products appear believable than they tend to be.

Being effective, it can be used on the youth to drive home pressing concerns in the country. Child obesity, the dangers of alcohol, preteen sexual relations, importance of exercise and fitness, etc. If these things can be done, the media will be able to influence the youth for the better and send beneficial messages for the development of the youth than what it is sending today.

The Influence on Adults
Like children and youth, it influences adults too, although perhaps not on the same scale. Most adults with a platonic view of things will resist the temptation of being buoyed up by what entertainment has to offer. While men usually find it difficult to hold themselves back in the face of allure of sexuality. Other subjects which also appeal to men are financial security and a luxurious, hassle-free lifestyle. Women, on the other hand, are tempted towards products which guarantee immunity from aging altogether and not just what the previous generation called ‘aging gracefully’. It can yet be used constructively to teach adults about the importance of insurance, financial education, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As you can see, it holds a large share of importance in our society, but if used constructively, it can be more of a boon than the bane which people consign it to be these days. After all, there are two sides to a coin and it is up to us to pick the correct one, and take it forward!

Effects of Media Sensationalism

Effects of Media Sensationalism

For the regular native media is known as a voice through which he/she can talk about their issues with the legislature. Be that as it may, recent years the voice of everyday citizens has changed and we are left asking why is the voice not mirroring our issues. How about we dig into the impacts of media on our general public.

Nowadays you switch to any news channel it looks like the world is certainly going to end. Reporters report news in such a way that compels us to switch off the television. Even newspapers carry such unrefined headlines which make the readers lose interest in a second. Really, I feel media channels are hellbent in creating fear, anxiety and distress and slowly these channels are losing their importance in our society.

Previously when news channels were limited we received nearly accurate news and none of the news was repeated for the whole day. But with advent of different forms of communication, the reporters have commercialized news. Truly, while watching or reading any news it feels like the voice of common man has certainly been stifled and has been replaced by negative aspects of news.

Definition and Effects

Media sensationalism is defined as the style of reporting news to public which involves use of fear, anger, excitement and crude thrill undertaken by the media to increase the viewership, ratings and lastly profits. In the past few decades, media sensationalism has increased and is being religiously practiced by all the channels. Because of the increased use, reporting lost its credibility with reporters reporting false and alarming headlines. This type of reporting depicted the dark side of journalism and it also created panic in the minds of the public.

  • It has, in fact, snatched interest from the readers and has caused degradation of values in our society.
  • Sensationalism is so deeply embedded with all the channels that the distinction between accurate and inaccurate news has completely vanished.
  • The public are now so used to the distorted picture that they don’t know which information is true.
  • As if this is not enough, even the celebrities are not spared from this evil reporting.
  • News about their break-ups, relationships, anger problems or be it any private matter is instantly shown and splashed in all the channels of communication.
  • The vicious circle doesn’t end here. After celebrities, it’s news about the financial world, governmental policies and plight of the common man pictured as an amusement story.
  • Right now sensationalism is compared with show business as it includes aspects of theatrical drama.
  • The reporting is merely done to up their sales and grab the attention.
  • By using this type of journalism, the public in general has limited their viewing time or reading time.
  • The rationale behind this concept is not working at present, as the public is now used to taking things lightly.
  • The effects of sensationalism corrode the awareness level, contemplate the critical issues and present it in a immature and unrealistic way.

Examples of Media Sensationalism

There are certain examples or news articles which have portrayed media sensationalism. The most recent one was a case where the mother was acquitted for the child’s murder by the Court. But media channels already etched her as a murderer in our minds making her life a hell in our society. I don’t think anybody would ever believe her side of story and even though she was found not guilty, papers and news telecasters had already crucified her as a devil in disguise. There was another case where a bluefish had bitten a girl and it was reported as a shark attack. The media also went on to alert people to stay away from a particular beach.

Similarly, last year it was the swine flu craze which had seen most of the offices having low attendance, schools being empty and roads bearing a deserted look. The report was true but it was escalated by the media to such a height that even if somebody sniffed we were rushing to the doctor’s clinic. As Ecoli bacteria unleashed its terror on the tomatoes, literally due to the media reporting, I stopped eating any food that contained tomatoes.

Even on the Afghanistan war, the media reported a lot of factual errors like terrorists attacked an army base and killed several soldiers while the truth was that the militants attacks were not even near the base. Though the war is really taking toll economically and physically but why can’t the media show the happenings in an unbiased way. This type of reporting has found its way in distorting facts of medical science which certainly creates unwarranted hopes and fears. Like how many times have we come across the news for medical breakthrough achieved in finding a cure for AIDS. But in reality the research is still in its preliminary stage.

I think it’s high time that media should end this disillusionment in reporting and start reporting the facts. The rest should be left to the public to interpret and understand the meaning rather than stuffing unnecessary details in their minds.