Effects of Media Sensationalism

Effects of Media Sensationalism

For the regular native media is known as a voice through which he/she can talk about their issues with the legislature. Be that as it may, recent years the voice of everyday citizens has changed and we are left asking why is the voice not mirroring our issues. How about we dig into the impacts of media on our general public.

Nowadays you switch to any news channel it looks like the world is certainly going to end. Reporters report news in such a way that compels us to switch off the television. Even newspapers carry such unrefined headlines which make the readers lose interest in a second. Really, I feel media channels are hellbent in creating fear, anxiety and distress and slowly these channels are losing their importance in our society.

Previously when news channels were limited we received nearly accurate news and none of the news was repeated for the whole day. But with advent of different forms of communication, the reporters have commercialized news. Truly, while watching or reading any news it feels like the voice of common man has certainly been stifled and has been replaced by negative aspects of news.

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